Bethesda Road

music for healing and edification

Some of our songs:

Let’s Go!This was written for a large Camporee held in the north pacific united states in 2022.
      Let’s Go! (Acoustic)

      Let’s Go!
Most Exciting Time of AllWhen I get to heaven I’ll be looking for the heroes of the Bible. They might even be looking for me.
Advent Heralds on Youtube
I’ve Seen You BeforeRecognizing Jesus in heaven because of the folks that showed me Him here.
Did You See MeAsking John (the revelator) if he saw me in his visions of the last days.
It’ll Be MorningWhen we wake up, it’ll be a new morning.
Blessed BePraising God through pain.
HonorWritten about my dad for his memorial.
You Loved Me ThanIn the middle of my sin, You loved me even then.
HaystacksHaystacks are popular at potlucks. Aren’t we really just haystacks in the hands of the master chef?